Design & Development

Our plastics are designed & developed to strict Australian standards

Design & Development Information

At abc we offer our clients an unparalleled design and development experience. Because this facet of our business – the custom manufacturing of products – is our principal area of market expertise, our streamlined design process and many years of product development proficiency always delivers above-expectation outcomes.

Our design and development method is fast, accurate and efficient, and guarantees that the client is able to oversee (and, if necessary, continue inputting into) the complete process.

Our ‘D & D’ process follows these broad stages:

  • Initial client meeting with abc to discuss and plan the custom moulding production batch.
  • abc designers employ their CAD (computer aided design) systems to turn the product idea into a blueprint reality.
  • These product blueprints are made available to the client for approval.
  • Once client approval is received by abc, a full-featured prototype of the custom design is turned out.
  • This prototype of the desired product is then made available to the client for the next stage of approval.
  • With the client’s go-ahead, abc then cuts the appropriate custom tool for a batch run and produces TI samples off the die.
  • These samples are then dispatched to the client for the penultimate stage of approval. Should any further refinements be requested – even at this relatively late stage – abc arrange the appropriate personnel (designers, manufacturing staff etc) to ensure that such changes are delivered in a timely manner.
  • The final stage of approval is then requested of the client, and the full production run is set in motion.
  • Once the full production batch is dispatched to – or stored for – the client, the client retains full ownership over the design, custom tooling and any stored samples of their unique product. In other words, what is yours, remains yours: that’s another abc guarantee.             

We also offer two additional services to further customise your unique product:

  • Colour Matching: There’s no need to be ‘railroaded’ into using what some companies may refer to as a ‘standard’ colour. Alongside our extensive range of stock colours, we have dedicated master batch suppliers who can match any PMS colour you may have in mind.
  • Bottle Decorating: If your vessels or lids require printing, simply ask abc about our strategic alliances with Victoria’s leading bottle printers. We can minimise your financial outlay and production timelines by helping you control this part of the ‘D & D’ process from the very outset.