Warehousing Capabilities

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Warehousing Capabilities

Are you currently short of storage space? Do you need more time to clear your own storage facility before your blowmoulding delivery arrives? Would it help you to react more quickly to your own needs (or those of your customers’) if samples of your customised bottles and lids could be stored by your manufacturer so that future orders can be processed more efficiently? 

abc can directly assist in all of these - and many other similar - situations.

Our 3,000 square metre factory floor contains enough client-allocated storage space to house at least 500 pallets of stock. Even if this 500-plus pallet internal space is exceeded by client requests, we also have the ability to arrange further external storage facilities for your products should you require them.

This abc storage service will provide you with great peace-of-mind:

  • Our premises are very secure. The factory and storage facility are surrounded by barbed wire fencing, have a sophisticated monitored alarm system, security cameras and are patrolled by security guards.
  • Easy access and convenience. We can arrange for you to have 24/7 access to your stored products, and we will take care of all security arrangements to help you come and go as you please.
  • Affordable pricing. We will negotiate a price for storage in your original quote for an agreed upon period of time.
  • Simple payment system. Not only do we offer this storage service at very affordable rates, but we make things as simple as possible from the outset: all your requirements are first discussed with abc, and then we include them in the one billing statement. Of course, should you realise that you require storage space after your order is placed or processed, we will not only make immediate arrangements for this provision but will re-issue the billing statement to reflect this. In this way, our clients are always aware that their outgoings and budget are in agreement.
  • Rapid delivery. If you need your stock in a hurry or don’t have the time or means to organise transport for your goods, we can arrange delivery from our door to yours. And the size of your delivery needs won’t be a problem: anything from 1 to 24 pallets can be quickly transported.

So if storage space is an issue for you or you can see the benefits of abc having ready access to your customised products to increase manufacturing efficiency, talk to us about your needs. We’re here to help.